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Redington, a Technology Aggregator addresses technology friction and accelerates transformation for Enterprises across Middle East and Africa

Fostering Technology & Innovation

Redington Value's goal is to help partners and customers transform into the new era of the smart digital world. With over 70+ vendors in its portfolio, Redington is a key cog in the wheels of technology adoption in every industry.
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Innovation is an Outcome of Strong Foundation

"Redington Accerates Innovation with in-house Quarks Platforms"

2 Cloud Quarks


Cloud Quarks is a robust cloud market place platform which helps the channel manage their cloud customers end-to-end.

5 Data Quarks


Data Quarks is our Data analytics offering to the channel where we provide the Data Management, Analytics and Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service.

3 IOT Quarks


IOT Quarks our IOT platform to the channel where we provide solutions such as Industry 4.0, OT and IOT Security services.

4 Secure Quarks


Secure Quarks is our security offering to the channel where we provide a range of cyber security services




Empowering a Secure Ecosystem

Managed Security Services Practice (MSSP)

DigiGlass by Redington is a dedicated consulting and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) addressing the evolving cybersecurity demands of the rapidly growing digital economy through three pillars - highly skilled people, pioneering technologies, and automated & resilient processes.

With the tagline Digital Security Reassured, DigiGlass helps organizations to Respond to threats, Rethink technological solutions and Reframe practices for unified cybersecurity strategies.





Track, Optimize, Perform

Managed Cloud Services

TrackMyCloud is an intelligent SaaS platform designed to be an all-in-one solution to manage complex, sophisticated cloud.

TMC offers a bouquet of five solutions with 800+ features, simplifying monitoring and optimization of spends, done on managing the cloud infrastructure.

The vendor agnostic and user-friendly platform allows partners to build their cloud capabilities and expand their value-added services for customers.



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