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A Tale of Transformation: Wellington Marketing's  AWS-SAP Synergy

Executive Summary

Wellington's SAP Infrastructure was Outdated, and they were looking for options and turned to Redington, an AWS Distributor and Partner for advice.

Redington evaluated the vision of Wellington's Cloud first Strategy and proposed to run SAP Workloads on AWS to Wellington.

Wellington was much satisfied with AWS Platform and decided to move their SAP Workloads to AWS. With this, they reduced their total spend on IT infrastructure, boosted staff productivity, and improved business operations

About Wellington Marketing FZE

Established in the year 2000 at Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, Wellington is placed at a prime location for its stakeholders.

Wellington Marketing is a fully owned subsidiary of the well-established Intersun Holding FZCO, with its headquarters in Dubai UAE.

Wellington is also the trading arm for many of its customers (refineries & factories) who in turn produce high quality branded food products.

 About the Customer

Wellington is a global commodities trading company specializing in sourcing soft commodities & other food products & generating supplies to food related industries.

Wellington have over 16 years of commodities experience & profound understanding of the CIS & Middle East, and the expertise to monitor the volatility of the market. Wellington’s leadership is experienced and believes in adopting innovative techniques & latest systems for procuring & shipping. 

Customer Challenge

  • Wellington’s current on prem SAP Infrastructure was outdated and due for tech-refresh as hardware was going out of support
  • Wellington required a solution that would provide the flexibility the company needed to support its ongoing growth and maximize ROI
  • Redington proposed a multi-AZ deployment for SAP workload. The customer decided to deploy workload in single AZ with backup due to cost constraint.

Partner Solution 

Redington presented to Wellington, AWS migration phases overview that starts with assessing the workload and mapping to AWS along with expected TCO on the cloud. BOM included projected costs for EC2 instances, network, storage, and other components. Before migration started, Redington shared with Wellington, AWS migration plan that included, among other things, project preparation, project governance, project kick-off, landscape setup, server deployment, AWS readiness, sandbox environment on AWS, and details related to setting up Development, Quality and Production Environments.

Solution Workflow

Redington have designed the solution as per Wellington’s Business requirement with AWS services which included EC2,

S3, EBS, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, EFS, AWS Backup, AWS Web Application Firewall, Site to Site VPN, AWS Direct Connect, and Transit Gateway. Also, we have Deployed Palo Alto Firewall for Network Traffic Monitoring.

All network traffic is monitored using Palo Alto Firewall.The traffic to the Internet facing applications like SAP Web Dispatcher and Saprouter is monitored and protected by AWS Web Application Firewall.

AWS Backup was configured to back up the SAP Application Servers EC2 instances and AWS Backint Agent for SAP HANA was configured to back up the SAP Hana Database to S3 bucket.

Results and Benefits

  • Dynamic Instance resize without any dependency on hardware.
  • Highly available backup and fast restore using AWS SAP Backint tool.
  • Migrating to AWS Cloud provided Cost Savings, Reliable Infrastructure, Higher innovation capability and data security to Wellington.

About Redington

Established in 1993, Redington has traversed an eventful and exciting journey to evolve from very humble beginnings into the company we are today. The incredible journey has seen us emerge from one brand, one product category, and one market into a US $8.4 billion distribution and supply chain solutions provider to over 290+ international brands in IT and Mobility spaces, serving 38 emerging


Customer Challenges

Bayt Alebaa’s current on prem infrastructure was outdated due to tech-refresh as hardware was going out support
Bayt Alebaa required a solution that would provide the flexibility, the company needed to support its ongoing growth and maximize ROI
Redington proposed a multi AZ deployment for SAP workload. The customer decided to deploy workload in single AZ with backup due to cost constrain

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