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Experience real-time interactive reporting with Amazon QuickSight




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At the moment, customers are hosting BI Servers on-prem where they have to manage the entire infrastructure and the customers are spending a lot of time in core IT operation activities (eg. Backup, Patching, Monitoring, etc.) This is a roadblock for innovation as our customers get limited time to work on core business functionality.

We at Redington want to help customers innovate by providing managed BI service on AWS. As part of the implementation, we will provide Designing, migration, automation, and optimization using AWS Quicksight. We will not only meet the customer hosting requirement but at the same time we will ensure BI best practices are followed and Dashboards are built in optimized design & architecture. We will also ensure that customer gets access to the industry-leading Security service platform which AWS offers.

Customers no longer have to worry about capacity planning, infrastructure-related incidents, Sizing, Backup, or High Availability.


Accelerate Your Insights with Redington's Jumpstart BI Solution for AWS

Develop Dashboards
Develop Dashboards

Developing new dashboards using QuickSight to provide meaningful Insights for customers.

Optimize Optimizing & supporting existing QuickSight Dashboards & BI Infrastructure
Enable  Enable & Explore new features and perform POC on advanced concepts like QuickSight Q


focus Focus on innovation

Accelerate your ability to innovate by quickly building data-driven applications with fully managed BI reports/Dashboards in the cloud

performance Get better performance, availability, scalability & security

Easily migrate to the cloud with AWS and Redington, access KPI and gain data-driven Insights & Analytics from anywhere without downtime

cost Reduce costs and administrative burden

Spend your time innovating and building new applications, not managing infrastructure



 Syead Mohammad Azim

Syead Mohammad Azim is committed sales professional an SAP Sales Certified with extensive experience of IT sales ( SAP, Microsoft Services, Nintex Workflow, RPA(UiPath) Power BI, Qlik, Tableau) market and corporate arena. Possessing a proven track record of selling technology software products and related services in a defined territory. Having the required background in software sales along with the personable abilities and technical know-how required to maximize a company's revenue growth and increase its market share

Published on 15 Mar 2023

Added Advantages

Infinitely Scalable

Infinitely scalable and highly available managed service that removes all operational concerns from the IT department.

Cut Costs

Pay-per-session pricing for dashboard readers with a cap on the cost per user per month. This removes cost barriers and thereby democratizes data analytics in your organization.


Ability to import data from on-premise systems as well as SaaS environments such as Salesforce, Snowflake, JIRA, Github, ServiceNow, and Adobe Analytics.

Go Beyond

Use powerful out-of-the-box ML capabilities available in AWS to identify hidden trends, detect anomalies and perform powerful what-if analyses and forecasting.

Accelerate Performance

QuickSight’s in-memory calculation engine (SPICE) achieves blazing-fast performance at scale. SPICE automatically replicates data offering users speed while shielding your underlying data infrastructure.

AWS Pricing

Redington has created bundled price for different BI Services and at the same time customer environment will be created in their respective AWS account.

Basic Bundle

Data sources - 1 to 2
Dashboards - 2 or 3
Sheets per Dashboard upto 2
Charts per Sheet - 8 to 10 
KPI's per sheet - 10
Testing - Yes

Aggregates/Basic ETL - No 

RLS Implementation - No 
IAM Role-Based Access - Yes
Post Deployment Support - 1 Day

User Training - No 

Duration - 3 weeks


Data sources - 2 to 4
Dashboards - 5 or 6
Sheets per Dashboard upto 5
Charts per Sheet - 11 to 15 
KPI's per sheet - 15
Testing - Yes

Aggregates/Basic ETL - No 

RLS Implementation - No 
IAM Role-Based Access - Yes
Post Deployment Support - 2 Days

User Training - No 

Duration - 6 weeks


Data sources - 5 to 10
Dashboards - upto 20
Sheets per Dashboard upto 8
Charts per Sheet - 16 to 30
KPI's per sheet - 20
Testing - Yes

Aggregates/Basic ETL - Yes

RLS Implementation - Yes
IAM Role-Based Access - Yes
Post Deployment Support - 3 Days

User Training - Yes

Duration - 10 weeks
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