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Tenx Software Foundation LLC SAP B1 on AWS

Executive Summary 

Redington helped Tenx Software Foundation LLC innovate by providing Managed Hosting Platform for SAP Business One Application on AWS where Redington manage the entire SAP Infrastructure including Solution Designing, Deployment, Automation, and Capacity Management. In addition to fulfilling Tenx Software’s hosting needs, Redington guaranteed that SAP Business One Applications were configured in accordance with SAP and AWS Best Practices. Redington also ensured that Tenx Software gets access to the industry leading security features which AWS offers. Tenx Software don’t need to worry about Capacity Planning, Infrastructure Related Incidents, Sizing, Backup or High Availability as they can completely rely on Redington’s Managed Service.

About the Customer

Tenx Software Foundations LLC is an SAP PE Build Partner and is a company that is focused on SAP Innovations & add-ons, the future ERP, for small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. Their mission is to introduce customers to the vast world of SAP by empowering their businesses with certified professionals. With Tenx Software Foundations, you are assured to have picked the right SAP Partner to grow your business. To work with Tenx means to work with SAP Certified experts who have the passion to make the impossible happen. They develop comprehensive add-ons on SAP that covers virtually all aspects of your enterprise.

Customer Challenge

Tenx Software hosted their SAP Business one applications in their on-premises environment where they managed the entire SAP infrastructure. Because of this, they were spending a lot of time in core IT operation activities like (Backup, HA, Patching, Monitoring etc.). This was a roadblock for SAP Business One innovation as Tenx Software users get limited time to work on core SAP B1 application functionality.

Migrating SAP B1 Workloads to SAP B1 Offering by Redington Powered  by AWS

Tenx Software was given an overview of the AWS migration phases by Redington, which begin with workload assessment and mapping to AWS. Before the migration began, Tenx Software received an AWS migration plan from Redington. Numerous subjects were addressed in this plan, such as project kick-off, landscape setup, server deployment, project governance, and project preparation. Additionally, Redington professional services helped Tenx to migrate their on-premises SAP B1 environment to AWS.

Solution Workflow

The Deployment of SAP B1 Application and the Hana Database were in the UAE Region. It was deployed in a Single VPC which includes public and private Subnets. VPC also includes route tables, security Groups and NACL’s.

SAP B1 Client is Streamed using AppStream for the end Users. Route 53 was used to route the end users to the SAP B1 Client which is Streamed using AppStream.

Cloud Watch Metrics and Logging were used for the EC2 instances and VPC Flow logs for the VPC. AWS CloudTrail along with CloudWatch Events were configured to enable operational and risk auditing. CloudWatch Dashboard was created for Monitoring.

The SAP Hana Databases was configured with Backint for SAP Hana for the regular Backups of the Hana database to S3 Bucket. The backups in the S3 buckets were encrypted using the AWS Managed keys.

The data at rest was encrypted using Key Management Service (KMS). S3 is used to take regular backups of the SAP Hana database and the SAP B1 Application.

Results and Benefits

  • Local Region: Tenx Software is able to Host their SAP Business One applications in UAE region to meet their data sovereignty requirement and get low latency access.
  • Stop Guessing Capacity: - Redington offers managed SAP Business One environment, so Tenx Software no longer have to worry about scaling and capacity planning.
  • Replace Capex with OpEx:- Start an SAP Business One implementation or project on AWS without any upfront cost or commitment for compute, storage, or network infrastructure. This helped Tenx software replace Capital expenditure with Operational expenditure.
  • Mobility & Remote Access: - With SAP Business One powered by Redington, all key business information can be accessed on-demand worldwide simply by using an internet connection anytime, anywhere, and on any device (PC, MAC, Linux) which helped Tenx Software to become mobile and agile for their SAP Business One Applications.
  • Security: - One of the biggest advantages of running SAP Business One with Redington is security. Redington provides end to end management of SAP Business One infrastructure, this improved the Security Posture of Tenx Software for their SAP Business One Applications.


About Redington

Established in 1993, Redington has traversed an eventful and exciting journey to evolve from very humble beginnings into the company we are today. The incredible journey has seen us emerge from one brand, one product category, and one market into a US $8.4 billion distribution and supply chain solutions provider to over 290+ international brands in IT and Mobility spaces, serving 38 emerging markets.

Customer Challenges

Bayt Alebaa’s current on prem infrastructure was outdated due to tech-refresh as hardware was going out support
Bayt Alebaa required a solution that would provide the flexibility, the company needed to support its ongoing growth and maximize ROI
Redington proposed a multi AZ deployment for SAP workload. The customer decided to deploy workload in single AZ with backup due to cost constrain

Predictive Modeling -
Inventory, Revenue, demand forecasting and many more

Consumer 360 - Consumer
journey and behavior

Sales Pattern and


Campaign analysis

Store location planning


Risk Scoring For chronic

Predicting Patient

Healthcare Cost


Hospital operations -
Improving efficiency through the power of data

Data Management -
Centralized data repository
with single source of truth


Freight Shipment Cost Optimization

Improving Predictive

Compliance Video


Supply Chain Analytics

Standard Control Charts

- Quality Assessment


Churn Modeling

IT Fraud Analytics / Anti
Money laundering

Customer Segmentation &


Lifetime Value

Risk & Compliance

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